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Smedsgränd 4, 753 20 Uppsala

A second home for entrepreneurs in Uppsala

Located right in the center of Uppsala, Capsule almost feels like a home. Not only does it have a big office with standing desk and comfortable chairs, it has a cozy living room where the magic happen.

In the social room, people talk about the future, and the present.

We have regular Capsule fikas, where members discuss their coming struggles, and recent success.

We invite people from the outside (investors, advisors, students, etc.)

Being surrounded by supportive people

Launching and growing a startup is both hard and fun. Having the right people help and supporting you is 🔑

We pick carefully the members who come and work with us at Capsule, making sure that everybody will love coming to the office every day.

Capsule is an initiative by
Uppsala Tech Community

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